Easy-to-Clean White Boards

Using glass communication boards in medical and health care facilities is a great way to facilitate communication between staff members and patients, as well as a great way to note important information for a team of people who provide care to people. For situations where cleanliness is a must, having easy-to-clean equipment and appliances is imperative. Dry erase boards are no exception—difficult to clean boards can lead to needing more chemicals for doing so, which pollute both the air and the surface of the Board. When you use Communicare Boards in your facility, you’ll enjoy the benefit of them being an easy-to-clean choice for dry erase white boards.

Easy to Clean and Bacteria-Resistant

Communicare Boards help maintain an optimally clean environment wherever they are installed. The boards themselves are made from a non-porous material, and as such are resistant to bacterial growth. They have smooth surfaces and no frame, which makes them very easy to wipe down and clean thoroughly.  Without a frame, these boards also cannot collect dust or harmful pathogens in hard-to-clean crevices and corners. The boards are also non-staining, which means you won’t have to worry about remnants of old writing still being visible after cleaning either.  When you need a communication board that you can trust to be easily wiped clean and sterilized, you’ll find it in Communicare Boards.

How to Clean Communicare Boards

These glass boards are made from tempered, low-iron glass that is scratch resistant.  Because of this smooth, non-porous surface, you’ll have no trouble cleaning the board.  Simply use water or glass cleaner and a soft cloth, or any wipe or hand gel containing alcohol and you’ll see that the board will easily clean. Perfect for a variety of uses, these glass communication boards are a durable and convenient choice for health care facilities, corporate locations and more.