Floating Frameless Mounting for Glass Dry Erase Boards

Dry erase boards in corporate, healthcare and educational facilities often leave something to be desired in terms of how they look. If you use dry erase boards in your place of work, you have probably been searching for an option that looks sleek while still offering the same features that traditional whiteboards offer; consider glass whiteboards. Communicare Boards offers frameless mounting for glass dry erase boards, which add a modern, stylish look to any area they are installed in.

Why Choose Frameless Mounting?

Frameless mounting is not only great looking—it offers practical benefits as well. Glass dry erase boards are known for being low maintenance and easy-to-clean, and frameless options only reinforce that. Because there is no frame, there is nowhere for bacteria, dust, or debris to collect, which is ideal for any location, but especially in health care facilities, where high-levels of sanitation must be met. Frameless mounting is also ideal for custom printed boards, since it allows the artwork to go all the way to the edge of the board—this can help create an artistic, decorative look for the board. Frameless mounted whiteboards are aesthetically pleasing and easy to install, and are the ideal look for a dry erase board for all uses.

Glass Dry Erase Boards from Communicare Boards

Communicare Boards is proud to present customizable glass dry erase boards that are designed for great looks and long-lasting function. The non-porous surface is resistant to bacterial growth, is non-staining and non-ghosting, and is available with magnetic features for additional convenience. Frameless dry erase boards are space effective with a low life cycle cost, and can act as artwork as well as marker boards. When it comes to choosing a tool that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, Communicare glass dry erase boards are everything you need in a whiteboard.

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