Glass and Plexiglas Dry Erase Boards

If you’ve been looking for an dry erase board that is more durable and long lasting than the standard white board, consider switching to glass dry erase boards. At Communicare Boards, we offer glass dry erase boards as well as writable acrylic dry erase boards that are perfect for corporate environments, health care facilities, and more. Each board is crafted to last up to 50 years, and is made from non-porous materials, making it easy to clean and resistant to bacterial growth. These frameless boards provide a clean, modern look to any room they are in.

Why Glass Boards?

Many times, white boards need to be replaced after a few years due to scratches in the surface, staining, or due to ghosting—a common white board issue of marker residue remaining on the board, even after cleaning, leaving behind a shadow of what used to be written on it. Glass boards and writable acrylic dry erase boards offer a maintenance-free solution that easily wipes clean and leaves behind no trace of old text. Additionally, because there is no frame on glass and Plexiglas dry erase boards, it cannot collect dust or debris in corners or crevices, making it a cleaner option than traditional white boards. In short, glass dry erase boards offer a durable, convenient and great-looking solution for dry erase board needs.

Low Iron Glass vs. Writable Acrylic

Communicare Boards dry erase boards are offered in low iron glass or writable acrylic. Low iron glass is ultra-clear, and provides a high level of clarity and transparency, making it ideal for dry erase boards. Low iron glass is especially ideal for boards that have printed artwork on them, as the low iron content means there is less of a greenish tint to the glass. Writable acrylic is a lighter weight material that offers many of the same benefits as glass, yet is not quite as durable in the long term. We recommend using this in Behavioral or high-risk areas, where damage is a possibility. Which material is right for your needs will depend on what you will be primarily using the dry erase boards for.

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