Non-Ghosting, Non-Staining Dry Erase Boards

While establishing clear, effective patient room communication, Communicare Boards are not only versatile, helpful and convenient, but they’re also durable and non-staining. There are many sub-standard dry erase boards on the market, but they are only good for so long—after a short time of being used constantly, the dry erase marker will start to leave behind residue or stain the board. This is called ghosting, and when you purchase glass boards from Communicare Boards, it’s something you won’t have to worry about.

Wear Resistant and Built Tough

If you’ve ever had to replace white boards after they start showing remnants of previous writing, even after those messages have been erased, you know it can be frustrating to feel like you’re throwing away money—especially if you’re replacing that stained board with the same product over-and-over again. With Communicare Boards, you can rely on the glass board to provide long-lasting service without deteriorating in quality—that’s years of effective communication, improved interaction between staff and patients, and easily accessed information. Communicare Boards are designed to last as long as 50 years, so the amount of money you’ll save over time is significant and measurable.

Avoid Issues Caused by Stained Boards

If a standard dry erase board becomes stained, not only can it make the entire room look dingy, it can also diminish communication between people who use it. If old writing is still even partially visible, it can cause problems – like medical staff members misinterpreting a message – which could lead to issues when giving care to a patient. It is imperative to have clean, non-ghosting and non-staining dry erase white boards in your facility. Communicare Boards offer a long-lasting, stain-resistant surface that is perfect for any healthcare facility.