Our office in Arlington Heights, Illinois

The Company

Communicare Products, Inc., was formed in the year 2012. The company came about due to the growing product needs of its sister companies, Health Environment Art Services and Corporate Artworks, both of which have been prosperous since 1988. The CommuncareBoard®, is one of many products being offered through our newest company. Its development came about due to the lack of wall space in hospital patient rooms. This innovative product provides art and messaging in one.
Hence, “The Art of the Message”. Communicare Products, Inc. is located in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Denise Rippinger – Founder and President

Denise Rippinger is the founder of Communicare Products Inc., and creator of the CommunicareBoards®, the most innovative artwork and messaging product on the market. Rippinger is also the President and Founder of Corporate Artworks Ltd., launched in 1988. In addition, her third company Health Environment Art Services specializes in providing custom artwork programs catering to the highly specialized art needs of healing environments. All three of her companies are known for their high level of creativity, quality and customization. Outside of her entrepreneurial accomplishments she is an adventurist, golfer and former hot air balloon pilot.

Our Team

Our team is a group of twenty diverse and enthusiastic art and design professionals. With over 150-years collective experience in providing art services for healthcare and corporate clients. Our Creative Design Team is proudly recognized for their level of creativity and customer service. In addition to being recognized for outstandingly creative artwork programs across the U.S., they have also completed international work in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE; Beijing, China; Mexico City, Mexico, and London. Creativity and outstanding customer service is what this team is all about. Give us a try. Our goals are to make you happy and to make your facility a showplace.