Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HCAHPS imperative for creating a patient-centered experience?

It is a call to action for healthcare leaders and staff to achieve patient-centered excellence by placing patients at the center of our work – every patient, every time.

What makes your boards better than the inexpensive framed whiteboards?

Besides the obvious, that our glass board is artistic, stylish, maintenance-free, and resists bacterial growth, is the reasons are endless. The store version marker board will need to be replaced every few years because it shows its everyday wear quickly. It will easily become stained and will begin ghosting, possibly revealing private patient information to newcomers. Harsh cleaning products will be used by innocent cleaning crews, compounding the issue and eventually making the surface unusable. Also, the store version model is typically framed, which allows dry marker dust to collect in the frame, and does not resist bacterial growth. Very few store version boards are customized with your room and phone number. Preview our features and benefits for more reasons.

Can we customize the graphics using our own hospital logo and branding?

Yes, you can customize the graphics to meet your needs.

Are the edges of the glass sharp?

The boards are 1/4″ tempered low-iron glass with rounded polished edges.

Can you help us design the graphics?

Yes, our graphic design team will work with you to create the graphics that fit your needs. When the electronic version is to your liking we will then send you a paper proof for your approval.

Can we have more than one design for the hospital?

Yes, we can do more than one design for your hospital. There is a minimal setup fee for each design change.

Are custom sizes available?

Yes. However, we offer our standard sizes at 18×24, 20×30, 24×32, and 32×36. These sizes offer our best pricing, but we understand that you might have special needs. We can accommodate your specific size requirements.

How quickly can we get our marker boards?

Typical delivery time is 4-8 weeks from the time we get your final approval or purchase order. Smaller quantities may take less time.

What are the consequences if we accidentally use a permanent marker?

Permanent markers will not stain, ghost, or ruin our boards. Permanent marker can be removed using an alcohol wipe or hand gel. We recommend dry erase markers or grease pencils, which eliminate dust concerns.

Is there an eraser/marker shelf and where is the marker held if there is no shelf?

Our frameless glass marker boards are designed not to need a shelf. The boards have a built-in ridge on top which holds a marker discretely in place.

Can we have each marker board individualized with the room number and phone number?

Yes, provide us with the room number and coordinating phone number and we will make each board customized at no extra charge.

Will the glass scratch?

The glass will not scratch with normal use and cleaning.

Do you supply magnets?

For an additional cost, we can supply magnets. Since the board is 1/4″ glass it requires a special magnet called ‘rare earth’. It is not recommended for pediatric areas or other areas where a strong magnet would be problematic.

Will the image fade?

The archival inks on the image will not fade. They have been tested for a life of approximately 90 years.

What are your prices?

Our prices are based on size, quantity, and type of boards. Once we have your information we will gladly provide you with a free quote.

Do you offer discounts?

Our listed prices are already deeply discounted, with additional discounts available for quantities over 100 pieces

Our Clients Reviews

" We are very pleased with our fully changeable Communicare Boards at the Milwaukee VA. We have been using the boards in our Spinal Cord facility for over a year and the staff is very pleased. We are in the process of implementing them in every patient room throughout the Hospital. We chose Communicare for a number of reasons, but the most important factor is the fully interchangeable insert. It gives us the ability to update the boards with new information anytime we need to. Communication between the staff and patients in the hospital is extremely important. The boards will not become obsolete, which will save money over time. . The boards are in excellent quality and we expect them to last and look beautiful for many, many years. Laure and the staff at Communicare have also been awesome to work with. We love our boards! "




Interior Designer, NCIDQ VA Medical Center

~ Kay L. Roblee

VA logo


" The Communicare Boards team is always quick to respond with quotes and pricing. They go above and beyond in anticipating our needs, and are incredibly easy to work with! We have purchased the fully changeable boards for four of our units. These boards are high quality, easy to write on, and easy to clean. Our staff loves them! We would never go back to regular whiteboards, ever! "



Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center

~ Jamie Jensen


Eastern Idaho Medical Center Logo

" We both saw them this morning!! Real, live, and in-person!! They are beautiful! Thank you, and your team, for these lovely boards!! "



MSN, RN, Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center

~ Amanda Blackburn

VA logo

" We like our boards and love that they give beauty to a rather bland usage. "



CNO, Texas Spine & Joint Hospital

~ Deborah Pelton


texas spine & joint hospital logo

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