Board Facts

Communication Innovation

Communicare Boards is the most creative and innovative glass dry erase board on the market that combines uniquely designed patient/staff communication, artwork and branding in one.

Board Styles

Board surfaces can be ordered as:

  • Crystal clear, low iron glass
  • Writable acrylic

There are 4 types of boards available:

  • Original Board
  • Fully-Changeable
  • The Extender

Board Sizes

Communicare Boards are available in both custom and standard sizes.

Our stocks sizes are:
18”×24”   •   20”×30”   •   24”×32”   •   24”×36”
Custom sizes available upon request

Customization and Artwork

No additional wall space in the patient room for artwork? Communicare Boards has that covered. Our design team will work closely with you to customize every aspect of each board.

  • Specify text content and branding per unit
  • Design changeable inserts with multiple languages
  • Change each room number and phone number at no additional charge
  • Unlimited artwork selections available

Patients will appreciate the uplifting artwork and the clear, concise information Communicare Boards offer.

See our gallery for design examples of art and branding.

Quick Ship Program

Need fast delivery? Choose our quick ship option.

Sunny Hill Hospital Qty:
100 Communicare Boards

(#) Marker BoardsProduct Cost per Board1 Year Product Cost10 Year Product Cost15 Year Product Cost25 Year Product Cost

Communicare Glass Surface $300 $30,000 0$ 0$ 0$
Average White Board $100.00* $10,000* $100,000* $150,000* $250,000*

Example Savings after 25 Years = $220,000

Does not include: maintenance, repairs, cleaning. Also doesn’t include other annual issues and soft costs, such as: additional de-installation and re-installation charges each year, disposal and landfill costs, and administrative and purchasing costs.

Durability and longevity are values that matter when purchasing your marker boards. The better the quality, the higher the value.
While the Communicare glass marker board may be a slightly larger investment, there is a value in selecting a more premium board for your hospital over time, both monetarily and from a sustainability perspective. It’s important when evaluating your investment to consider replacement costs as well as regular cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning and replacement feature:

Best –

“Communicare” artistic (glass) (acrylic) board – With free Custom Graphics

  • Replaced on average every 50+ years
  • Maintenance Free
  • Will not stain or ghost, even accidentally
  • Sustainable – environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (glass; available upon request)

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” Benjamin Franklin

Features & Benefits

Board Maintenance

“As you can see… No ghosting left behind!”

Board Installation

Mount the backing and the board slips easily into place.

Fully Changeable Board

“Take the graphics out and now you’ve got a nice piece of artwork”