100% Customizeable and American made!

Date : November 12th, 2019   Author : oneimsga

Happy Veterans Day!

Date : November 11th, 2019   Author : oneimsga

Since 2012, we have the pleasure of working with VA hospitals and clinics all over the United States and provide […]

Whiteboards: Mediating professional tensions in clinical practice

Date : October 9th, 2019   Author : oneimsga

This paper has identified whiteboards as a crucial and central aspect of nursing and medical practice. It has been shown […]

2019 ANCC National Magnet Conference

Date : October 3rd, 2019   Author : oneimsga

Please come join us at the 2019 ANCC National Magnet Conference! The largest nursing conference in the United States is […]

Ghosting Marker Boards?

Date : October 2nd, 2019   Author : oneimsga

Ghosting white marker boards are a HIPPA nightmare. But we have a game changer for you! Introducing Communicareboards!

Don’t let time run out before the end of the fiscal year!

Date : September 30th, 2019   Author : oneimsga

Family Perspectives on Whiteboard Use and Recommendations for Improved Practices

Date : September 25th, 2019   Author : oneimsga

No More Boring Marker Boards!

Date : September 23rd, 2019   Author : oneimsga

Marker Board & Artwork In 1

Date : September 4th, 2019   Author : oneimsga

Expand your brand! Created and patented specifically for the demanding healthcare environment, these innovative new patient room marker boards are […]

Use of the Patient Whiteboard to Improve Communication of Pain Medication Schedule

Date : August 29th, 2019   Author : oneimsga

The University of San Francisco USF Scholarship: a digital repository @ Gleeson Library | Geschke Center Spring 6-19-2016 Use of […]